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The IRS Notice 2024-35 clarifies RMD guidance for 2024, provides relief for missed distributions, and outlines upcoming changes effective from 2025 for retirement accounts.
The IRS has extended the AMT underpayment waiver to August 15, 2024, to help corporations adapt to revised tax calculations under the Inflation Reduction Act.
The moment you find an audit letter in your mailbox can be anxiety-inducing, but it's essential to approach the situation with a level head and a strategic plan
The IRS issued Notice 2024-33, easing underpayment penalties for corporations’ CAMT liabilities, aiding tax planning post-Inflation Reduction Act, with detailed compliance steps required. is an independent source of tax ideas and information that has assisted thousands of individuals, families, and businesses. We provide free educational resources and connect users with a network of independent Fee-Only tax professionals, including financial advisers, tax accountants, and attorneys.

Our network of independent tax professionals can prepare your tax returns, offer personalized guidance to optimize your tax planning, and create tailored strategies aligned with your goals.

Do you need help with your taxes? Reach out to request a no strings attached FREE CONSULTATION or ask any question with complete privacy.  Alternatively, you can visit 1800ADVISER.COM and browse the only toll-free online directory for Fee-Only professionals in the United States.


Tax professionals listed in the directory possess extensive experience and include highly respected CPAs, accountants and lawyers, well-equipped to guide you through the complexities of tax rules and regulations whether Federal, State or foreign. We are a trusted resource and have no government affiliation. The IRS website is located at IRS.GOV and they can be reached at 1-800-829-1040. 


Yes. Just reach out to request a no-strings-attached FREE CONSULTATION or ask any question with Great Privacy™ Alternatively, you can visit 1800ADVISER.COM and browse the only toll-free online directory for Fee-Only professionals in the United States.


We handle all personal, business and trust Federal, State, and local returns.  This includes partnership returns, S-Corps & LLCs. Generally, personal federal tax returns typically range from $200 to $400, with an additional $50 to $75 per state return. Business returns tend to be higher in cost, and if you require tax legal advice, the pricing will be determined based on the complexity of your specific needs. Once we have a better understanding of your situation, we can provide you with a more precise estimate.

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Not only are we 100% Independent and 100% Objective, but we can be compassionate and sensitive to the unique needs and concerns of all individuals, families, and businesses.

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At the heart of our commitment to you is Great Privacy Policy, ensuring your information is never sold to third parties. We offer free consultations to help you decide if 100% Independent & 100% Objective advice will benefit you.

Our Federal & State Tax Services

Federal Tax Returns

We can help you determine which federal deductions you are eligible for and provide advice on tax planning and strategies to minimize tax liability in the future. 

State Tax Returns

Local tax laws are different than IRS regulations. We provide trusted guidance to help ensure your individual, business or estate returns are accurate and complete.

Corporate Returns

Whether you are self-employed or a large business, business returns are complex. The wide range of transactions and deductions requires the assistance of a professional.

Tax Planning

We help you organize your affairs in a way that minimizes your tax liability. Tax planning can be done at any time of the year and save you literally thousands of dollars (if not more).

IRS Tax Problems

Whether it is negotiating a settlement, creating a payment plan or seeking relief, we can help you negotiate with the IRS. We'll help you determine the best approach & resolve your issues.

Audit Issues

If you are under audit, the best thing you can do is get professional assistance. They understand the audit process, are taken more seriously and can settle things more quickly especially for complex situations. 

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